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Bringing Families Together

Nobel is a well-renowned household name for the past 40 years and specialized in home appliances and consumer electronics. The existed long before competitors made their way to the UAE and are the pioneers in several breakthrough technologies. Under the brand, goods are classified into Major & Small Domestic Appliances (MDA & SDA), Consumer Electronics Appliances (CEA) and Built-in Appliances, which boast a rich portfolio of well over 250+ SKU’s.

Our products, to ensure customer satisfaction to our Nobel community, go the extra mile with specialised departments to ensure each product is well received and rightly positioned in the market. This TRANSPARENT AND STRAIGHTFORWARD approach is considered as one of our brands key strengths.

Furthermore, as a brand we do not compromise on quality, and source material from the best of factories. Our dedicated team, the PMT department, travel across Europe, China, India, Turkey, to name a few, to source the best products for our valuable consumers.

Nobel is present across major power retailers within the UAE such as Carrefour, Sharaf DG, Sharjah Cooperative and even maintains a strong relationship with over 150 market dealers within UAE. The brand is also distributed in markets such as Oman, Iran, CIS, and the MENA region.

Our Mission

Progress with Technology

Nobel is committed to building an organization capable of capturing a large market share through building customer loyalty, continuously enhancing product quality, ensuring timely service, and retaining top talent.

We at Nobel believe passionately in the concept of progressing with technology to offer our customers with the best possible service in the most economical manner to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects.

Our Vision

Be a Market Leader

Nobel’s vision is to become a market leader in the home appliances and consumer electronics domain by integrating new tools and techniques to improve our internal processes yielding external positive outputs for all our stakeholders.

Core Values

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